Due to its molecular structure, vibrational level, and capability to conduct information to the body’s cells, HealtH2O stands out as a finely structured water that conducts vital information to the body’s cells and favors the liaison of the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical equilibrium. HealtH2O promotes the harmonious alignment between the body’s energetic centers.

Finely Structured Water

A de-structured water is one whose patterns of crystallization are deformed or disorganized transmitting this disorder to the body’s cells. Not only does it not vitalize but it actually interferes with the vital processes.

Contrariwise, finely structured water is a liquid crystal and a prodigiously sensitive membrane that transfers harmony to the living tissues.

Total Equilibrium

Wellbeing is about reaching a balanced equilibrium and is achieved through the harmonious alignment of mind, body and spirit.

HealtH2O Water effectively aligns your body’s energy centers by being an excellent conductor of positive energy rooted in your ancestral memory.

Universal Solvent

As a universal solvent, water is an essential component of life because of its role in generating cellular energy. This water determines the rates of nutrient absorption and influences the selective permeability of cellular membranes which is indispensable in the exchange of cellular energy and information.

A high quality water like HealtH2O promotes the formation of metabolically active proteins and catalyzes enzymatic activity, behaving literally as the enzyme of the enzymes.

These properties, among others, are influenced by the pattern of molecular organization of water, which forms different types of clusters or agglomerates based on various factors, such as the quality, the vitality of the water, the surface tension, and the water’s ability to transmit cellular information.