Social Responsibility

The HealH2O corporate group is comprised of a multifaceted team of renowned scientists and business experts who share the values of preserving the planet and its synergistic coexistence with humanity.

The Company is committed to developing and marketing natural beverages that contribute to the spiritual harmonization and energy balance of humanity while offering a high nutritional value.

We are aware of our responsibility to look after HealtH2O as a natural treasure with unparalleled characteristics ancestrally conceived within our timeless Universe to contribute to human wellness.

We work with nonprofit and governmental organizations to process our bottles with the goal of preserving the environment and encourage the conscious behavior of our customers.

Our company is developing HealtH2O-based beverages with natural ingredients and high nutritional contents with the purpose of supplementing Andean Children's diet which may be lacking in essential nutrients.


International Fine Water Society Award for the best water on the planet.
Category: Extreme Purity Level

Our products have been duly accredited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Chilean Health Authority (SEREMI), the National Institute of Oversight of Food and Medicine of Colombia (INVIMA), and the Agency for Health Regulation and Control of Ecuador (ARCSA).