Distinguishing facts

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  • Enhances the performance of the systems of the body.

    Colloidal gold improves the functioning of the body´s circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic and musculoskeletal systems. It also restores liver and bile activity.

  • Inhibitor agent for cell aging.

    It reduces cellular oxidation, slowing the accumulation of free radicals, all while stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin.

  • Contribution to the energetic balance of the body.

    Colloidal gold increases the conductivity with the nerves as well as the energy conduits, thus increasing the ability to concentrate. Ancestrally colloidal gold has been recognized as a key element in maintaining the balance of mind, body and spirit.


  • An antibiotic and antiviral par excellence.

    Pure colloidal silver remains one of the most complete and effective antibiotic and antiviral known since 1930. The silver neutralizes bacteria or viruses through an electrical charge, making it 100% effective, as there is yet no pathogen immune to electricity.

  • Natural preservative of our product.

    The colloidal silver found in HealtH2O, contributes to keeping the water pure, without requiring any added chemical agent for its conservation.

    Total dissolved solids

  • Extremely low concentration of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

    The measurement of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) indicates the total concentration of salts, minerals, metals, cations and anions, dissolved in a liquid. It is a reliable indicator for the quality and purity of the water. At 31ml/l according to the standards defined by The Fine Water Society®, HealtH2O´s TDS factor is considered to be in the extremely low category, which qualifies it as a water of high purity level. Thanks to the low TDS factor, HealtH2O has a pure and light flavor.

  • Low surface tension.

    As an effect of this low TDS factor, our water is characterized by a low surface tension easing the cellular-chemical process of nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.


  • A natural isotonic beverage.

    Balanced oligominerals turn HEALTH2O into an isotonic energy drink, having the capability to compensate and equilibrate the cells of the human body against the effects of dehydration, overexertion and exhaustion.

  • Intellectual performance.

    The oligominerals contained in our product aid in concentration and intellectual performance.

    Living water

  • Special technology to lead the water.

    Our bottling system relies on a special technology in which the stainless steel pipe is ionized by magnets attached to its surface. This pipe leads the water from the source directly to the bottling plant, thus preserving the energy associated with the molecular movement of the water. Dr Visoky, an Austrian recognized scientist, catalogs HealtH2O as the water with the highest vital energy on the planet.

  • The millenary tincture in our bottles.

    Bottled at the source in indigo colored containers, HealtH2O benefits from this ancient and powerful tincture to preserve the energy of the water, contribute to the connection of the higher mind and consciousness and to promote the equilibrium of the intuition and spirituality by stimulating the activity of the sixth chakra, commonly known as the third eye.

    Ozone free

  • Certified purity

    HealtH2O is exported to United States and Chile being the only water certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that does not require an ozonation process to preserve its purity.


  • Nutrition facts

    Serving Size: 250ml - Serving Per Container: 2
    100ml Daily Value
    Total Fat 0.0000 0.0000
    Total Carb 0.0000 0.0000
    Sodium (mg) 0.6000 1.5000
    Calcium (mg) 0.6410 16025
    Potassium (mg) 0.3000 0.7500
    Gold (mg) 0.0009 0.0023
    Silver (mg) 0.0002 0.0005
    Total Dissolved Solids - TDS (mg) 3.1000 7.7500
    PH 6.7000 6.7000
    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000 calorie diet.